Graduate Education/Community Engagement

Many graduate programs have found ways to do compelling scholarship through community engagement, and have made engaged scholarship a distinctive aspect of their graduate program. Those who have done so have been very intentional and strategic—embedding their projects in compelling research, designed with community partners for high impact. Such projects are most often interdisciplinary, collaborative and involve multiple funding sources. Community engagement can enhance graduate retention, pathways to new careers, and attract diverse students and faculty to graduate programs. Such work is embedded in strong, ongoing partnerships.

In addition to graduate student community engagement, I am interested in graduate advising and mentoring relationships. I am studying ways in which graduate students assume agency and department environments scaffold agency as students pursue their studies and careers.

I am conducting evaluation and social science research with two NSF funded doctoral program grants: AGEP (UMBC and UM System) with Dr. Kimberly Griffin and Gudrun Nyunt, and an NRT grant (UM Language Science Center) with Dawn Culpepper.

Select Articles and Chapters

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